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During the most critical times in our lives, focusing on the importance of family is essential. When life-threatening measures impact your life, who’s by your side? Jessica talks about the power of love and strength generated from family support and prayer to help ease fear and pain and give hope. Her audience gains perspective on the small stuff we take for granted, like family.

Bedside Manner

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Bedside manner isn’t a course in medical school, but it plays a huge role in the overall care of a patient. Jessica speaks about the importance of medical professionals’ energy, individual attention and instinct and how they can impact the comfort of a patient. Most medical professionals do not see the success of their expertise, which often makes their work seem thankless. Attendees will return to work with a different outlook, feeling rewarded by now understanding patient gratitude and how their bedside manner affects the healing process by making a patient feel like a person.

Teen Girls & Moms

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Do you have a child struggling with body image? Do you see signs of control through diet and activity? Confidence and self-acceptance are huge factors that many females struggle with every day. Jessica shares her story about the issues she faced, which led her to a life-saving liver transplant at the age of 28. The message she leaves listeners with is motivational, inspirational and encouraging. Teaching confidence early on in development is key to fostering strength in a woman who is not only confident but also loves and accepts herself.

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    As a transplant survivor, I believe there is no greater power than the power of love. Through my passionate and compassionate message, I help listeners face health-related challenges with positive determination and hope.

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    Jessica Zampieri is a motivational speaker whose message helps listeners face health-related challenges with positive determination and hope.